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From Birth To Extinction
Formation of the species
Exalted conception
From darkness, we were the unknown
We are the future of this land
Civilians of greatness, soldiers of glory
A flawed perception
In this void
We come together
Only then to collapse
Tragedy, endless suffer
No hope to rebuild
No chance to survive again
We had one wish to advance and follow
The great leaders that once walked this Earth
But now, unfortunately
This is the end
We were the fading light
We were the cells of forgotten time
We thought we can benefit
This aging world
But we had soon realised
That we've become the irrelevant
Lost forever in fragments of time
Our destruction was nigh
Our harrowing end was nigh
Only just flesh made to die

The foundations were built
So was the dawn of humanity
And as decades pass, we fall down
There's no hope for you and me
No way to escape
Such an unfortunate twisted fate
In this life, what were we to live for
Except to see each other for one final time
And never see ourselves progress?
Now may this
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It wasn't easy to keep things together
We once had wings, able to fly into the distance
But like planes, amidst a long bloody war
We fell onto hard ground, never to rise again
I know you despised me, you were honest
We never got along, like soldiers in conflict
Regardless of differences, we can make it through
Shake hands to forget, but it's not enough to mend
You standing there, within the darkest shadows
The look in your eyes, was like a gun to my face
Pull the trigger if you must but on this ground, I'll still live
Because losing a friend will be the ultimate price, to pay
We can't always heal these wounds
Between us
We can't always forget these fights
Between the two of us
Another chance is all I'm asking for
And even if you walk away, we can never fall apart
Love wrapped round in a bed of thorns

If I can make a promise to you, though you may not care
To voice my most sincerest apology, and how I felt for you
Today was the moment where everything burned to the touch
:iconbryzer74:Bryzer74 0 0
Double Agent
Searching for new prey
Collecting information
Selling it to the peers
Destruction is mine
Surveillance to one and all
Behind a false veneer
Fighting for justice
Oppressing the state
Achieving victory
Betray those I don't need
Pretend it's all nothing
Alter and burn history
I was your hero
Just for the day
Now I've become
Someone else
Don't get in my way

Infiltrate, and suffocate
Eliminate the cause
Of this tragedy
Trust was only a game
To get what I desired
The end of morality
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A Nice Glow by Bryzer74 A Nice Glow :iconbryzer74:Bryzer74 3 0 Diamond Of The Sky by Bryzer74 Diamond Of The Sky :iconbryzer74:Bryzer74 6 0 Elevation by Bryzer74 Elevation :iconbryzer74:Bryzer74 2 0 Sunny Drops by Bryzer74 Sunny Drops :iconbryzer74:Bryzer74 5 2 The Mood For Spring by Bryzer74 The Mood For Spring :iconbryzer74:Bryzer74 4 2
Plastic face
Lifeless eyes
Cold machine feeling
From inside
To ignore
To walk away
For this circumstance
Nothing's okay
Feel the skin
Check and assume
A sad tale for the one
Who ingested the fumes
These few words
Corrupted, in a sense
Demanding salvation
For you, no respect
Don't say that you're human
Don't feel that you are human
You've brought this on yourself
Now, enjoy hell
Rotting flesh
Turning blue
What can I do
For the likes of you?
No one else around
To even care
When addiction took over
It's mechanical despair
Don't say that you're human
Don't feel that you are human
You've brought this on yourself
Now, enjoy hell
I felt the pulse, in you
I felt the pain, in you
Yet you've done this on yourself
Now, enjoy hell
Electronic dreams
Forgotten lives
Abandoned to the dust
Beneath bluest skies
Synthetic friends
Controlled suicide
The attempt to breathe
It was a waste of time
:iconbryzer74:Bryzer74 2 0
Recall the times
Life frozen still
See everything
Against my will
To remember
The brighter days
Of everything
From where it began
Behind these black, iron gates
When I tell you everything
I don't expect you to understand
Everything I try to say, to you
There was confusion
There was the stress
Failure to adapt
No time to rest
Within the grounds
In every corridor
It got too much
As the years went by
Can't take no more
There was hope
In fewer faces
To guide me through
Out of the mental maze
Ignore their cruelty
Follow the path laid
Towards my destiny
One story told
One page burned
Many lessons learnt
Things are fine
Whenever I'm safe
Skill and diligence
Keeps myself sane
One chapter done
But it's not over
When I felt the chill
Of this warm October
Building a new trust
Keep me smiling
If it's really a must
What were they for?
Do they keep my heart lit?
A series of complications
In all the people that I knew
Their faith, I never asked for it
One story told
One page
:iconbryzer74:Bryzer74 1 0
Serving by Bryzer74 Serving :iconbryzer74:Bryzer74 4 2 Field View by Bryzer74 Field View :iconbryzer74:Bryzer74 8 2 Encounter by Bryzer74 Encounter :iconbryzer74:Bryzer74 3 5 Golden by Bryzer74 Golden :iconbryzer74:Bryzer74 5 1 Sprout by Bryzer74 Sprout :iconbryzer74:Bryzer74 5 0
In Every Man
In every man
There's coldness in the heart
We despise them
Since the very start
In every man
Negligence makes them god
Their respect for us
They clearly forgot
In every man
Cruelty is all there is
They frolic and harass
Just for a desperate kiss
In every one
That stand on this earth
There's nothing decent in you
Since your sorry birth
In every man
They use us like tools
Treating us like slaves
Until we're brainless fools
In every man
They can't give us respect
Instead they condescend
With fallacies and sex
In every one
That try to stand all over us
Face it, you bastards are nothing
Don't ever beg for our trust
Every woman has a right
Every girl must go and fight
Once all the evil is crushed
We can finally see the light
In every woman
She has a right
In every girl
She must fight
:iconbryzer74:Bryzer74 0 0
From the past few weeks, my activity level here has fallen as I'm becoming more busier with things now, from that college course I'm doing currently to plans for the future, possibly towards work when I get the chance. Plus, I've been maintaining that little forum of mine too, yeah.

I'm still around though but, just not as much as it was in the beginning. Peace out, fellas :)


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Bryn K. Stevens
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Just somebody who posts stuff and invades the DA forum sometimes. Have a nice day.


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